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Book 1
Outside Child
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In OUTSIDE CHILD, Alice Wilson-Fried has written a debut mystery novel that reveals more than the circumstances of murder and its resolution. Alice's childhood in the Magnolia Housing Project and her life thereafter in New Orleans Proper has enabled this talented storyteller to open up the world of native born New Orleans blacks, their communities and their abilities to succeed in their city. Alice takes readers on a tour of a place and society that has raised questions and enlivened curiosity since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. 

Book 2
Menopause, Sisterhood, and Tennis

In Menopause, Sisterhood, and Tennis, Wilson-Fried offers the powerful story of one woman's tangled journey through menopause. Based upon her own experience, and steeped in the rich Southern humour of her mother and grandmother, this guide to surviving 'the change' unveils the mystery of menopause, laying bare the physiological, psychological, and emotional transformations menopause brings to women's lives.

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