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“I enjoyed reading Alice Wilson-Fried’s impressive latest mystery, One Drop, set in New Orleans. It is a fast-paced satisfying story with clever humor, a dead billionaire, a family’s drama, complex and secret race relations and one tropical storm about to become a hurricane named Katrina. Everything is riding on Ladonis Washington, the first Black PR director of a steamboat company, with aspirations to become the first woman Vice President. The price of failure could be tragic for Ladonis and her innocent co-worker, for family members who rely on Ladonis, and for the survival of the Floating Palace Steamboat Company. I feel 100% positive about the excellence of this mystery.”

-- Elizabeth Lyon, Book Editor and Best Selling Author of The Sell Your Novel Tool Kit and Manuscript Makeover

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Next Generation
Indie Book Award

Outside Child

"Outside Child" is a creole stew of crime, politics and southern manners that give the true flavor of New Orleans before all that water washed away some of the spice.  The sibling relationship that's central to the story evokes Walter Mosely's Easy Rawlins and the colorful relationships that make that world so exciting.


Writer/Producer, "The Shield"

"In Alice Wilson-Fried's debut mystery, Outside Child, pre-Katrina New Orleans comes alive again with patois and poignancy.  Fast paced, down home and real, Outside Child rivets you to the page, keeps you turning pages and brings back a vanished New Orleans.

Cara Black,

Author of the Aimee LeDuc Series

"OUTSIDE CHILD is a fast, gripping read - an inside look at a foreign country hidden deep inside the glitter of New Orleans.

This book epitomizes the reason I co-founded the San Francisco Writers Conference.  The author has a captivating story to share and a mesmerizing voice--and should be read.  Now."

  Wendy Nelder,

Co-founder, SF Writers Conference

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