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Coming Soon- A New Title

Updated: May 19, 2020

ONE DROP: A Story of Murder and New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, published by Bedazzled Ink Publishers, is expected to hit the reading market August 15, 2020.

I know it has been a while since I've communicated with you on this site, but here I am trying once again to get over my social media phobia to report that my murder mystery #2 is on the way. Set in my hometown, New Orleans, the novel follows the escapades of Ladonis Washington, MBA, a smart, sazzy, black female corporate ladder climber and her high-school dropout, con-artist sibling, HeartTrouble.

Readers met the sister and brother reluctant sleuths in book one of my trilogy called, OUTSIDE CHILD. That story took place before the storm Katrina ravished the city that "care forgot." In ONE DROP, the rivaling siblings find themselves in another hotbed of criminal activity as they try to escape the wrath of the city's deadliest hurricane.

For those who have not read OUTSIDE CHILD, check out REVIEWS on this site. Hopefully, you will be enticed to use this time to read it. (Sample chapter below.) You can order from SHOP on this website or digitally from Amazon. Let me know your most relatable /interesting/enjoyable character(s) and I will give you the lowdown on his/her backstory as it relates to my writing process in what I call "A Behind the Scene Look" on this blog.

Looking forward to chatting with you.

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